World Class Support – Our Customer Support Team Doesn’t Miss a Beat, Even During the Pandemic

03/04/2021 – At Fortior Solutions, providing world class support isn’t just a saying, it’s what sets us apart from the competition and is a main contributor to our success. When customers do business with us they are backed by committed, experienced subject matter experts. The numbers back this up – the average tenure of our employees is 8.5 years!

Our customer support team has not missed a beat since the COVID-19 pandemic began a year ago.  Our team knows how to work under pressure and come up with solutions to address any challenge.  When news of the COVID-19 pandemic hit, within a matter of days we moved our entire customer support operations to a complete work remote posture.  Even under such constraints our service levels continued to meet and exceed expectations.

We have been resilient and committed in supporting our customers throughout the pandemic.  Our RAPIDGate® and RAPID-RCx® programs have proven uniquely suited to the times.  Our customers are able to verify the identity of vendors, contractors, visitors and other individuals at entry points through our contactless identity verification technology, helping to slow the spread of COVID-19 while maintaining security.  As committed partners, we have helped our customers communicate to vendor companies and individuals about site closures, new hours of site operations, modified access procedures, and extended credential pick up times to help everyone navigate the uncertainty of travel during these unprecedented times.

Fortior Solutions understands how critical our services are to our customers, including during the pandemic.  Continuity of operations is a shared priority.

Our decades of experience have enabled us to perfect our recipe for providing unmatched world class support during the pandemic.  The recipe is simple – remarkable, experienced employees dedicated to supporting our customers while focusing on the customer experience.

Our amazing team members give us the ability to quickly and effectively support our customers no matter the environment. Our expertise allow us to be creative and forward thinking as we are continuously improving and evolving.  Past performance, continued excellence, and our world class customer support all demonstrate our role as an invaluable partner to our customers.