Securing Energy Facilities

Energy is crucial to the well-being of America – powering our economy, protecting our national security and enhancing our quality of life. Oil, gas and electricity companies play a pivotal role in meeting these energy needs. We trust and rely upon them to produce and supply us with uninterrupted service. The energy sector has been identified by the federal government as being “uniquely critical” because it is depended upon by all other critical infrastructure sectors.

Energy organizations face daily physical security threats. With reports of attacks on both renewable and non-renewable energy organizations on the rise, increasing security and access control to know who is eligible and authorized for access is more necessary than ever. Protecting the energy infrastructure is imperative for continued growth and sustainability.   

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, there were 171 electrical disturbances last year from human attacks.[1] This example represents just one energy source, which means the threat landscape is even larger. Many in-person attacks likely could have been avoided if additional physical security features were in place to ensure individuals are authorized to be onsite, through proper vetting, sponsorship validation and electronic ID scanning for entry.

Fortior Solutions offers proven solutions to validate access authorization and provide sophisticated data management and analysis to reduce risk, improve efficiencies and streamline access control practices.  Our technology is especially well-suited for use by the military and by critical infrastructure organizations including in the energy sector. Our programs can be implemented rapidly and are operational in a wide variety of locations, including in some of the most remote areas.

“Energy organizations can minimize their security vulnerabilities by using our commercially available access control technology trusted by the U.S. Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security. Our technology provides a simple, cost-effective and reliable way to ensure that the energy critical infrastructure sector is well protected,” said Jim Robell, Fortior Solutions president and CEO.