Fortior Solutions Expands its Identity Management and Access Control Services to Sports, Entertainment, and Resorts Sectors

In today’s rapidly evolving security landscape, safeguarding public spaces and ensuring the safety of patrons has never been more crucial. Sports and entertainment venues and resorts attract large crowds, creating an environment where security risks are magnified. The diverse nature of these locations demands an advanced approach to security.

Fortior Solutions, a pioneer in providing identity management and access control solutions for Government, U.S. military, and critical infrastructure, is pleased to extend its services to increase security and safety to the sports, entertainment, and resorts industries.

Over more than 20 years, our solutions have identified more than 6 million unauthorized individuals attempting to gain access to secure facilities. Our technology enables security-conscious establishments to verify the identity and vet individuals accurately and quickly, ensuring that only authorized personnel and visitors gain access. Our technology enables organizations to transform their current practices by streamlining, automating, and upgrading how they identify and vet individuals for authorized access.

Our solutions also are a key resource to our customers for data-driven insights. Our technology generates valuable data that can be analyzed to identify patterns, anticipate security challenges, and optimize operational efficiency. This data-centric approach empowers establishments to make informed decisions and share security incident information across establishments so they can preemptively tackle potential security gaps.

Fortior Solutions President and CEO Jim Robell states, “We are proud of our reputation as the preeminent provider of advanced identity management and access control solutions. By leveraging our cutting-edge, robust technology and unparalleled expertise, we can deliver a new level of security to sports, entertainment, and resorts establishments. Our technology will help revolutionize security standards in these high-profile sectors.”