Security intelligence.

Advanced warning.

Our solutions provide advanced warning on higher-risk individuals and criminal activity – empowering you to focus your facility’s security, and resources on the right individuals and activities. Having the right security intelligence data makes your facility safer and more secure while protecting your bottom line.

Our technologies give you the insight you need, before you need it, so you can manage potential risks and make decisions regarding your security posture.

Security Intelligence- Products & Services

Group at facility concert. Photo link to Pond product.

Access to a network of safety and security intelligence that delivers awareness of higher-risk individuals, incidents and predictive crime analysis.

Pond Network

Abstract group entering facility. Photo link to RAPID-RCx product.

Innovative technology to verify visitors anytime, anywhere, with any ID.


Welders at Facility. Photo link to RAPIDGate product.

A complete vendor management solution that increases security and alleviates all the administrative burden of managing vendor access.


Technology finger printing scan. Photo link to vetting and screening services.

Comprehensive identity and vetting options so you can have confidence that people meet your trust and security requirements.

Vetting & Screening