RAPIDGate for Vendors.

Vendor-based products to allow service providers, contractors and suppliers to access a RAPIDGate® facility.

Service providers, contractors and suppliers can access a RAPIDGate® facility by utilizing one of our vendor products. We offer various options depending on the number of personnel requiring access privileges, number of facilities to access and length of time that access is required. By signing up for one of these products, partner companies can continue to serve business needs with ease.


Ideal for vendors that need access to more than one facility.

Access multiple facilities using a single credential.

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Short-term access for vendors, contractors and service providers.

Allows access to multiple facilities for up to 90 days.

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All-inclusive solution for vendors, contractors, and sole proprietors.

Allows for RAPIDGate-Enterprise or RAPIDGate-90 privileges.

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Simple steps to easily enroll in the RAPIDGate program.

The benefits of enrolling.

By enrolling your company in the RAPIDGate® Program you can save time and money, enabling your employees to access RAPIDGate-protected facilities quickly and easily. The RAPIDGate program credential facilitates shorter wait times at entry points, which means lower costs and better customer service. Credential holders will experience consistency in access procedures, ongoing access and — with RAPIDGate Enterprise — access to multiple facilities.

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