Identity verification.

Protect the integrity of your business.

The online revolution continues to make life easier for most of us. Unfortunately, technology also makes it easier for criminals to say they’re someone else. Fraudulent IDs are becoming increasingly sophisticated, making visual inspection alone insufficient. Additionally, thanks to the internet, anyone can easily create new profiles, accounts and records. Trusting the identity of these digital identities is not enough. Verifying physical or digital identity is critical to protecting the integrity of your business. Know Your Customer (KYC) began in the financial industry and has become necessary in other industries. It expands into knowing your vendors, visitors, users and more. While the online revolution continues to advance, so must the technology and processes used to verify identity.

Our innovative solutions make identity verification easier and more reliable for all use cases.

Identity verification – products & services

Abstract group entering facility. Photo link to RAPID-RCx product.

Innovative technology to verify visitors anytime, anywhere, with any ID.


Group at facility concert post verification. Photo link to Pond product.

Access to a network of safety and security intelligence that delivers awareness of higher-risk individuals, incidents and predictive crime analysis.

Pond Network

Welders at Facility. Photo link to RAPIDGate product.

A complete vendor management solution that increases security and alleviates all the administrative burden of managing vendor access.


Person getting finger printed to complete identity verification. Photo link to vetting and screening services.

Comprehensive identity and vetting options so you can have confidence that people meet your trust and security requirements.

Vetting & Screening