Setting the Standard for World Class Access Control Solutions

11/15/2021 – Security risks can come from inside and outside your organization, putting your organization at risk for intellectual property theft, corporate espionage, property damage and more.

A world-class access control system needs to be able to quickly identify who is authorized for entry to your organization, in real-time, using the latest up-to-date information that gives you results in seconds. A world-class access control system needs to eliminate the need to rely on visually inspecting IDs, issuing paper passes and tracking sign-in sheets. What’s more, a world-class access control system needs to be able to allow your organization to be quickly responsive in the event of an incident or when entry point data is needed for investigative purposes. Sorting through visitor sign-in sheets and manually consolidating information from various data sources is time consuming and labor intensive. Worse, it can prompt response actions based upon inaccurate and incomplete information.

For the best in world-class access control solutions, the top choice is Fortior Solutions.

Fortior Solutions has been partnering with security conscious organizations including DoD, DHS, and Critical infrastructure entities for nearly 20 years. Our system has been used more than 600 million times to help organizations verify and identify individuals authorized for access – allowing security personnel to evaluate entry eligibility in as little as under one second. We have identified six million unauthorized individuals attempting to gain access to secure facilities. Additionally, our system has helped our customers solve real world problems, providing data they can use in their day-to-day access control operations and much more.

Our access control solutions help organizations be not only more secure, but also more efficient. Fortior Solutions’ customers have used ID scan information taken at their entry points to determine traffic throughput to help determine hours of operations and staffing level needs. In the process, they became more responsive to their customers while reducing costs. We’ve also had customers use ID scan information to help respond to internal security incidents including to help one customer identify a key witness in their investigation.

Erin Hang, Fortior Solutions’ Senior Director of Vetting and Screening Services, says, “At Fortior Solutions we know that access to accurate data is critical to making informed decisions. In the last five years we have provided more than 500 reports for our customers with information recorded in our systems to help them with investigations and improve organizational efficiencies. The relationship and support we provide makes us world class partners, and we are so proud of that.”

Fortior Solutions provides comprehensive access control solutions that are cost effective and are customizable to meet your security needs.