Individuals are in Control of Scanning in and out of Gathering Places; No GPS, Bluetooth or other Intrusive Technologies are Used to Track Individuals’ Every Move   August 26, 2020…
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Individuals are in Control of Scanning in and out of Gathering Places; No GPS, Bluetooth or other Intrusive Technologies are Used to Track Individuals’ Every Move   August 26, 2020 – Hillsboro, OR – The reopening of America is getting a much-needed boost from the Embrace the Trace™ program, a simple and privacy-focused COVID-19 contact tracing solution that supports the entire public health “team” – individuals, gathering places, and public health authorities. Fortior Solutions, a longtime trusted provider of identity solutions to the military, government and critical infrastructure, has created an innovative, patent pending solution to enable individuals and the places where they gather – campuses, sports venues, hospitals, stores, restaurants, salons, businesses, faith-based organizations and other locations - to receive timely notification from verified public health authority contact tracers in the event of COVID-19 exposure. There is no program fee for individuals to join. They only need to sign up with their email address, and their mobile phone number if they have one – not even their name is collected. The individual is then issued a unique QR code, which they can present for scanning when they enter and leave gathering places. Gathering places sign up to download and use the Embrace the Trace QR code scanning mobile application, relieving them of unnecessary handling of individuals’ contact data for contact tracing purposes. Verified public health authority contact tracers receive access to QR code scan activity information so they can conduct COVID-19 case investigation and identify exposed individuals and notify them.  No personal information is shared with gathering places, with marketing groups, or with any other third parties. Fortior Solutions deletes QR code scan activity information from its system on a rolling basis after 60 days. Unlike other contact tracing applications that have been attempted in the U.S. and have failed to gain adoption, the Embrace the Trace program does not use GPS, Bluetooth or other overly intrusive technologies to monitor individuals’ every move. Individuals stay in full control. “The Embrace the Trace program is the simple-to-use, least-intrusive solution that can be holistically adopted across the country,” said Jim Robell, President & CEO of Fortior Solutions.  “Across the country, individuals are being urged by their public health authorities to ‘answer the call’ if they hear from a contact tracer during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our Embrace the Trace program gives the entire country the confidence and trust they need to do just that – ‘answer the call’, slow the spread of COVID-19, and help reopen America in a safe and thoughtful way.”       About Fortior Solutions: Fortior Solutions is the market leader in high-assurance identity solutions used by the government and critical infrastructure. The company offers innovative technology programs for access control and pandemic and emergency response. Fortior Solutions’ patent pending Embrace the Trace program is the company’s newest product release.  Fortior Solutions is headquartered in Hillsboro, OR, and has been delivering trusted identity solutions to customers since November 2001. For further information please contact Maria Nguyen, Marketing, at mnguyen@fortiorsolutions.com or 503-924-5353.

Our Fight Against COVID-19

Friends, leaders, and colleagues, I’d like to begin by saying my heart goes out to all those who have lost a loved one from COVID-19 and those who are currently…
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Friends, leaders, and colleagues, I’d like to begin by saying my heart goes out to all those who have lost a loved one from COVID-19 and those who are currently fighting the illness to become well again.  Whether we know someone who has been infected with the virus, the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted us all. I am always encouraged by the compassion, kindness and comradery that I witness in our community and in our country during times of adversity.  These efforts and the generosity that I’ve witnessed inspire me to ask myself what more can we do to support businesses in their effort to support their employees in keeping them and their visitors safe. As the leader in identity and access control solutions, Fortior Solutions is committed to doing our part to support our community and our country.  During these uncertain times, we are offering our standalone I.D.-scanning solution for an extended period of performance at no additional cost to help organizations be more certain and more secure in combatting COVID-19. Our solution can help organizations in need by: Digitally Verified Personnel Access: Our near instantaneous I.D. scanning solution allows you to validate personnel access by creating electronic lists so that only approved people (employees/staff, contractors, visitors, vendors, service providers and suppliers) can enter your facilities. Our solution also allows you to screen for people who are not authorized for entry. In both cases, verification is done via scanning the person’s, company badge (if enabled), driver’s license or other government-issued I.D. card.  You can upload lists so only approved employees and visitors can enter the facility, giving employees confidence in the safety of their workplace. Electronic List Management: Your Human Resources team can provide pre-approved positive COVID-19 antibody/immunization and other volunteered health declarations lists, which are automatically verified upon scanning. No Touch I.D. Review: Minimize unnecessarily handling of I.D. cards and inadvertently spreading germs by using our electronic handheld device to scan and electronically validate driver’s licenses and other government issued ID cards. Fortior Solutions’ no-touch I.D. scanning solution, already in use by the U.S. military, enables verification of driver’s licenses and other I.D.s without the need to touch them. Contact Tracing: Know who has entered any of your facilities so that you can quickly identify and alert anyone who may have been exposed to COVID-19 at any of your specific locations.  Instead of re-deep cleaning all areas of all your facilities and having to re-test everyone, you can determine exactly what part of which facility was exposed. On-Demand Reporting: Data whenever you need it, so you can get information quickly and accurately Fortior Solutions is ready and proud to support your business continuity while fighting the spread of COVID-19. Together we will win! #spreadkindnessnotviruses Best regards and stay healthy, Jim Robell - President and CEO