Are You in the Security Theater Business?

5/19/2022 – What is security theater? Simply put, it’s pretend security. The practice of implementing security measures that make people feel safer but don’t actually do anything to improve security. Could your organization be playing a role without knowing it?

There are many signs to watch out for, some of the most telling signs are:

  1. Relying on a paper trail to identify individuals visiting your building.
  2. Assuming suppliers and vendors have done current and thorough background screenings on the employees they are sending to perform work at your facility.
  3. Relying on visual inspections to verify identity.

While these practices suffice in checking a box, it does very little in terms of protecting your business and safeguarding visitors, employees, and customers who rely on your security practices to help keep them safe.

  1. In the event of an incident, rifling through paperwork is not practicable. Reliance on immediate, accurate access data is key to be responsive.
  2. Not all background screenings are created equal. A reliable, non-conflicted third party to run screenings allows you to be confident that individuals doing business with you are meeting your requirements to be there.
  3. In the age of technology, reliance on visual inspection is not enough. You need tools to help you identify fraudulent credentials and verify individuals are authorized to be there.

Fortior Solutions can help you identify risk and security practices that may leave you vulnerable. We can help you take the theater out of security, whether it’s transforming how you manage vendors and suppliers’ security, to modernizing processes and more.  We help take those high-risk practices and provide tools, resources, and technology to increase security more efficiently and effectively without the extra administrative burden security can bring. Reach out to us today so we help you identify your risk and provide you with a true security program.