Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence

11/17/2021 – This month, our company hits a major milestone – our 20-year anniversary! It has been a true honor to work with our customers, employees, advisors, and partners both past and present. Together, we have accomplished the nearly impossible. Our efforts began soon after 9/11, our goal was to develop a solution to help strengthen our country’s security by offering a solution that met President Bush’s Homeland Security Presidential Directive-12. We are proud to say that we met that goal – helping secure more than 150 security conscious organizations, where our solutions have been used by the US military over a half a billion times.

Our mission remains clear, provide innovative, world-class vetting and access control solutions to help organizations be safer, more secure, and efficient. We have continued to do that, taking our tried-and-true solutions to other industries including energy and critical infrastructure. A lot has happened in the last 20 years. We went through a few name changes, experienced a lot of exceptional growth, became industry leaders, and set records. We also remained strong and thoughtful during all the trials and tribulations startup companies go through. On this momentous occasion, we would like to share this achievement with every person that has helped us along the way. Thank you for your contributions in getting us here, cheers to the next 20 years and as always, Stay Secure!!!